Principal Curator


With her finger placed squarely on the fashion pulse of New York area women, Leah Sandman, a busy mom of 4, is the owner, stylist and creative director of BellaChic, a curated collection of high quality vintage apparel and accessories. Based in Connecticut, Leah has established a solid relationship with some of the top vintage dealers in the area, providing a wide range of resources with which to satisfy the desires of the women who love to shop for unique pieces that perfectly suit their styles and needs.

With years of experience, Leah hand picks the quality couture clothing, furs, and even furniture that make up her inventory. Each item is guaranteed to be in great condition and appeal to various styles and budgets. She will never carry an item that doesn't pass her strict quality assessment, and she will never pressure a client to buy something if it's not a perfect match.


Leah's dedicated clients know that at BellaChic their happiness always comes first, and their fashion dreams will be made into reality.